How Broken Bones Heal and Type of Fractures

How Broken Bones Heal and Type of Fractures

Fracture is a break in a bone which is sometimes accompanied by extensive swelling of the surrounding soft tissues, bleeding into muscles and joints, rupture of the tendons, and damage to major blood vessels.

Types of Fractures:

Stress fracture – is a fracture that results from cumulative stress on the bone. Treatment includes; rest, ice pack and anti-inflammatory medicine. This fracture can take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Trying to return immediately to your usual routine may cause re-injury and may also allow the stress fracture to extend through the entire bone.Pathological fracture – is one that occurs in an area weakened by a tumor or other disorder.

Reasons why broken bones hurt: Nerve endings that surround bones contain pain fibers and when fracture occur this fibers become irritated.Another reason why broken bones hurts is because the muscle that surround the injured area may go into spasm when they try to hold the broken bone fragments in place, these spasm causes further pain.

Causes of Fractures: Accident, Osteoporosis andDeficiency in some vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium.

Symptoms: Deformity of the extremities, obstruction of the normal movement of limbs, pain, or a sensation of rubbing between two bones.

How the Broken Bones Heal. Bone tissue has an amazing ability to rebuild itself when bone is broken. Just a few hours after the break, young tissue cells begin to appear, this is the first step in repairing the fracture. These cells multiply quickly and become filled with calcium. Within 72 to 96 hours after the break, these cells form a tissue which unites the ends of the bones. More calcium is deposited in this newly formed tissue, which eventually helps form hard bone, developing into normal bone over a period of months. A plaster cast is usually applied to the broken limb in order not to move the bone and keep the edges in perfect alignment. Healing may be delayed by certain disorders, such as malnutrition and infections. A patient’s age can also play a role in bone repair; fractures tend to heal more quickly in children than in adults.

First Aid Treatments for Fracture: First, Immobilize the person with the fracture by placing that part of the body in a splint until a competent person (a physician) can set the bones correctly so they can heal together. During recovery, it is necessary that new tissue be formed to join the broken bones together and the damaged tissue be repaired, there the following nutrients is required: protein, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium) and vitamin A, C, and D.It is recommended to stop eating refined carbohydrates like sugars (candy) since this eliminate calcium.

Multi-minerals + calcium – needed for proper composition of bones.Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant repairs and maintains body tissue.Vitamin A– powerful antioxidant repaired and maintained body tissue.



Treatment requires the reduction, or setting, of the fracture and adequate immobilization of the affected area to ensure healing. The term reduction refers to bringing the fracture fragments back into close apposition and alignment. The means employed to obtain reduction are manipulation, the use of traction devices, or surgical correction (open reduction).After the fracture fragments have been reduced to their normal position, they must be held in that position until the bone has healed. Devices used to immobilize the fracture include plaster, plastic, or fiberglass casts; traction devices; and metal nails, rods, or screws that are inserted into the bone during surgery.

How to make the bones strong? Constant use helps to keep the bones strong. Lack of exercise and inadequate intake of calcium rich food are the main reasons why elderly people’s bones can become so weak and prone to easy breakage.

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