Best ways to get rid of phlegm, mucus in throat lungs & chest

Best ways to get rid of phlegm, mucus in throat  lungs & chest

Phlegm is a mucus secretion of respiratory lining. It gets accumulated in throat, chest or lungs in conditions like bronchitis, COPD, T.B etc. The process of breathing is interrupted and creates a disgusting feeling. In patients affected with above respiratory diseases this is an every day problem. Since the diseases are chronic or of long standing type, it interrupts normal life style causing suffocation unless cleared off.

In healthy and young age group this is not a serious problem because the physical strength to expel and counteract phlegm is high. But in case of weak, aged and emaciated people this is trouble some. There is a lack of sufficient muscular strength to expel the phlegm. Even the normal airway mechanisms to expel the phlegm are hindered increasing the difficulty to expel the phlegm.

In this condition besides trying to avoid profuse phlegm formation you may even need to know how to get rid off and clear the accumulated phlegm from nasal track.

How the phlegm accumulates.

Phlegm is a normal mucus secretion of respiratory tract. This adheres any minute dust particles passing into lungs during breathing. Cilia is a brushy layer which moves in one particular direction driving the mucus towards the throat for expulsion.

In case of infections the mucus secretion is profuse and very sticky that cilia are unable to move and drive up efficiently. There are also chances of loss of cilia function due to excess inflammation itself in cases of T.B, bronchitis etc.

This cilia function is also very much decreased in old age people making them difficult to expel the accumulated phlegm,


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1. Drink more water: Higher water level in the body enhances the hydration of tissues. High water level can minimise the stickiness and concentration of the phlegm. So, expulsion of the phlegm is easier.

2. Use of mulcolytics: These are the agents which break up the phlegm texture making it loose and less sticky. These mucolytics are of both natural and synthetic origin and their use greatly decreases the phlegm viscosity. So the expulsion becomes easier. But their constant use is not assured as these agents are not completely free of side effects.

a) Allopathic mucolytics like ambroxol, cyclodextrin, vasicin etc. Better use them as directed by your physician. These drugs cut the phlegm making it less viscous and easy for expulsion.

b) Homeopathy : In old age patients affected with COPD or bronchitis, they have mucous lining which is devoid of normal functional cilia. That is the brushy layer meant to expel mucus is not functional due to age or inflammation.

* Have a watch on rattling sound in chest: If you have rattling sound of phlegm and mucus during your breathing, then act immediately to break the phlegm by using mucolytics as mentioned above or use homeopathic drugs as per your physician.

In these conditions though the mucolytics break up the phlegm, still expulsion is difficult due to lack of cilia moment in the already weak patient. Use of natural and homeopathic drugs recovers the lost cilia function making the phlegm expulsion easier. For this refer to homeopathic physician.

3. Breath with nose: Patients of COPD and asthma try to breath with mouth instead of nose for want of sufficient aeration. But this has a disadvantage that, phlegm is pushed backwards making it difficult to expel. So try to always breathe by nose to prevent dust entry into the tract and phlegm back flow.

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4. Mechanical removal & Physiotherapy techniques: These methods include forced phlegm and mucus aspiration and also maintaining an inverted posture by raising your chest upwards while your neck is downwards towards floor to enhance phlegm withdrawal from tract. Forced aspiration of phlegm has be to done in presence of a technician, nurse or a doctor.

5. Frequent coughing: Trying to Cough frequently in controlled way helps in phlegm expulsion from bronchi. It brings out the deep situated phlegm for its expulsion. But see that cough has no strenuous effect on the heart. Because in aged people severe coughing can stress the heart.

Please read the following hub on treatment and control of phlegm formation because  is important besides steps to get rid of phlegm.

Wish you a pleasant and comfortable breath in case you have obstinate respiratory disorders.



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