Easy steps to prevent ingrown hair armpit lump

ingrown-hair-armpit-lumpWhen a lymph node under arms is swollen or enlarged a lump may appear. Lymph nodes’ function is to protect the organism from infections and bacteria. They can grow because of cancer as well. So if you have lump under your armpit it is very important to watch. It may be a symptom of different diseases. There are many causes of this problem. For example ingrown hair armpit lump can occur.

What are the causes of armpit lump

A lump under armpits can be a symptom of some disease. Sometimes it is not harmful. But you should know the cause of this problem in order to diagnose the disease properly. It can save your health and life in some cases.

  • The most common cause of armpit lump is bacterial infection.
  • Viral infections such as AIDS, shingles or chickenpox may cause armpit lump as well.
  • Ingrown hair armpit lump is a problem of many young girls. It happens because they are not experienced with shaving the area.
  • Chemicals of some antiperspirants may affect your skin under armpits. It causes lumps as well.
  • Some medicines may lead to different unpleasant allergy reactions. In the list of such medicines are iodine, penicillin and sulfa drugs. The reaction of the organism may be caused by Typhoid and Smallpox vaccines.
  • Lipomas can be the cause of armpit lump in older adults.
  • The most dangerous cause of armpit lump can be cancer. It may occur because of breast cancer.

How to prevent ingrown hair armpit lumpingrown-hair-armpit-lump

  1. One of the ways to prevent ingrown hair armpit lump is to follow the rules of shaving.
  2. Always use a shaving foam or gel for shaving under armpits.
  3. Do not forget to change your blade in time. Never use a razor if it is not sharp.
  4. Use scrubs in order to exfoliate your skin under the armpits.
  5. Moisturize your skin under armpits. It should be smooth.
  6. Choose moisturizers which do not clog the pores.

You should remember these simple advice and you will never have such problem as ingrown hair armpit lump.

Why is Pyloric Sphincter so important for your organism

Pyloric sphincter ipyloric-sphincters part of the digestive system. Pyloric Sphincter is a muscle. This part of the body separates the stomach from duodenum. Sphincter muscle (ring of smooth muscular fibers) surrounds the stomach which opens into duodenum. This article defines pyloric sphincter and its functions.

What are the functions of pyloric sphincter

There are two parts of pyloric sphincter: the pyloric antrum and pyloric canal.

First important function of the pyloric sphincter is holding in the stomach. It allows the digestive juices to work. It helps to break down the food into a substance (‘chyme”). After this action the sphincter opens and this substance enters the duodenum. The more the food stays in the stomach the more nutrients absorb into the body.

Prevention of the reflux is also very important function of the pyloric sphincter. When the food passes after the digestion through the sphincter tightens. It prevents the coming back of food back to stomach. When the sphincter is healthy it is a one-way door to the intestines. One of its functions is keeping the digestive system moving smoothly.

What problems can happen with Pyloric Sphincter

Different problems can happen with Pyloric Sphincter. Stenosis is one of the Pyloric Sphincter disorders. It’s a condition when chime passes through with difficulties. If the digestive system doesn’t work smoothly the pyloric sphincter may open at the wrong time. Usually the reason of this problem can be stomach cancer or some other conditions.

In case if there are any problems with your pyloric sphincter you should visit a doctor. Usually the first step before the treatment is medical imaging. Endoscopy can help to determine the diagnosis as well.

There are some other advanced tests which help to find the proper treatment if you have problems with your pyloric sphincter. One of the ways of treatment can be using medications or even invasive as surgery.

Problems with pyloric sphincter can seriously affect your body condition. That is why you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Even small issues can lead to problems. These problems may cause other disorders with some parts of the body.

Simple answers about abdominopelvic quadrants and regions

Skin, superficial fascia and muscle are the layers of the abdomen. Usually abdomen protects inner organs of the body. If you look at it from a frontal way you can see that it is divided into nine planes. They have vertical and horizontal directions. This article is about abdominopelvic quadrants and regions.

What organs are in abdominopelvic quadrants and regions

abdominopelvic-quadrants-and-regionsThere are nine abdominopelvic regions. They consist of three horizontal lines. These regions are:

  • Epigastric region (epigastrium)- Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Duodenum, Spleen, Adrenal Glands;
  • Left hypochondrium (LHC)- Spleen, Colon, Left Kidney, Pancreas;
  • Right hypochondrium (RHC)- Liver, Gallbladder, Right Kidney, Small Intestine;
  • Umbilical region – Umbilicus, Jejunum, Ileum, Duodenum;
  • Left lumbar region – Descending Colon, Left Kidney;
  • Right lumbar region – Gallbadder, Liver, Right Colon;
  • Hypogastric region – Urinary Bladder, Sigmoid Colon, Female Reproductive Organs;
  • Right iliac fossa (RIF) –  Appendix, Cecum;
  • Left iliac fossa (LIF)- Descending Colon, Sigmoid Colon.

It is important to know the abdominopelvic quadrants and regions because it helps to determine the causes of illnesses. There are four quadrants of abdomen. These quadrants are: Right Upper Quadrant;

  • Right Lower Quadrant;
  • Right Lower Quadrant;
  • Left Upper Quadrant;
  • Right Upper Quadrant.

What are the organs of four abdomen quadrants

abdominopelvic-quadrants-and-regionsRight Upper Quadrant (RUQ) – Liver, the gall bladder, duodenum the upper portion of the pancreas and the hepatic flexure of the colon;

Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ)– appendix, the upper portion of the colon, the right ovary and Fallopian tube in women and the right ureterpenus;

Left Upper Quadrant (RLQ) – the stomach, the spleen, the left portion of the liver, and the main body of the pancreas; the left portion of the kidney and the adrenal gland; the splenic flexure of the colon and the bottom portion of the colon.

Left Lower Quadrant (LLQ) – the bottom portion of the colon, the sigmoid colon, the left ovary, Fallopian tube and the left uterine tube.

So not only doctors should know about abdominopelvic quadrants and regions. It is important for you to know the causes of problems with health.

What does it mean when your stomach gurgles? How to treat gurgling stomach

Your stomach can make different sounds. They are called borborygmi. Usually you should not worry if your stomach produces gurgling sounds. So what does it mean when your stomach gurgles?

What does it mean when your stomach gurgles

what-does-it-mean-when-your-stomach-gurglesTo answer the question what does it mean when your stomach gurgles it is important to know the causes of gurgling stomach.

  1. Sometimes your stomach can remind you that it is time to eat. If you do not notice its signs and drink alcohol or coffee the noise may increase.
  2. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhea may cause gurgling sound of the stomach.
  3. When you do not sleep enough and have stress it may lead to over eating and obesity.
  4. If you feel nervous the level of acid increases in your stomach. That is one of the causes of gurgling stomach.
  5. Some products containing gluten may increase the distress of stomach. And it makes gurgling sounds.
  6. If you do not move enough your metabolism becomes slow. It may lead to digestion problems and motility of intestinal.
  7. In case if you consume carbonated drinks and fast food regularly your stomach gets a big stress. Gases which can be produced by these products irritate your stomach. You can also feel pain in stomach.
  8. Some people eat too fast and do not chew their food thoroughly. They swallow excess air with food as well. This fact leads to distress of stomach, gas, rumbling or pain.
  9. The last answer what does it mean when your stomach gurgles is having acid reflux (GERD). In this case your stomach acid washes back into esophagus and causes different problems with your digestion system.

What to do when your stomach gurgles

There are some remedies which can help you if you suffer from gurgling stomach.

  1. You should drink enough water.
  2. You should avoid pop and carbonated beverages, fried and fast food. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  3. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.
  4. Do not eat fast. Chew your food carefully and avoid swallowing excessive air.
  5. You can try herbal tea with peppermint, chamomile and caraway tea to improve your digestion.
  6. Do not drink alcohol and give up smoking.
  7. Sleep well and do not over eat.
  8. You should not eat fast food.
  9. You should move more in order to make your metabolism faster.
  10. Pay more attention to your hygiene and the way of cooking your food.
  11. Carom seeds can also help to treat gurgling stomach.

Strained hip flexor recovery time. How to reduce it

strained-hip-flexor-recovery-timeUsually almost every athlete suffers from pain from the hip flexors. Hip flexors are very important muscles for those who run or do hiking, swimming or cycling. These kinds of sport may cause strained hip flexor. There are many ways to treat this condition. And strained hip flexor recovery time varies depending on causes of it.

What are the causes of strained hip flexor

Trained hip flexor recovery time depends on the causes of it. These causes may be:

  • Repetitive actions and overuse of hip flexors
  • Acute trauma
  • Muscle imbalance and weakness
  • Jobs which need much sitting or poor posture.
  • If other your core muscles are weak

What are the symptoms of strained hip flexor

The main symptom is pain in the hip.

You feel pain when you rise your knee or flex the thigh towards the chest

If you move side-to-side you feel severe pain

How to treat strained hip flexor

  1. Use ice bag compresses.
  2. Use anti-inflammatory mediations
  3. Have enough of rest
  4. You should have rehabilitation and do special exercises in order to make strained hip flexor recovery time shorter.

Exercises for strengthening strained hip flexor.

  1. Rises of straight leg
  2. Supine scissors kicks
  3. Rises of knee in standing position
  4. Hip abduction
  5. Stretching of hip flexor
  6. Stretching of hip quadriceps
  7. Heel slides

What is strained hip flexor recovery time

Strained hip flexor recovery time depends on the type of injury and body (if it can heal easily). Usually strained hip flexor recovery time is less if a person is younger. In this case it needs few weeks to recover. If the injury is more serious it will need 6 or even 8 weeks to recover. You will need the help of a physical therapist guide as well. If you have strained hip flexor you should always warm up and do stretches and strengthening exercises slowly. You can come back to your usual trainings and activities when the pain disappears.

What to do if you have gurgling lung sounds

gurgling-lung-soundsIf you have cracking or gurgling sounds when you inhale or exhale you should worry about it. Gurgling lung sounds while breathing may be a result of different serious problems (such as astma or even cancer). Depending in the causes of this disorder you will have different treatment. You should know about the causes of gurgling lung sounds.It will help you to find the right treatment.

What causes gurgling lung sounds

Your doctor is the only person which can help you with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • Pneumonia. In this condition there is an air sac inflammation in both or one lung. It is very important to treat pneumonia in time because it can be fatal. The symptoms of pneumonia are: gurgling lung sounds, fever, headache, shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, perspiration and fatigue.

Treatment includes antibiotics, bed rest, drinking much water and other fluids.

  • Astma. It is difficult to breath. Usually there is a gurgling lung sound as well. Astma may bother sometimes but it is a big problem for some people. Astma attacks may affect life and it has to be treated necessarily.

Treatment. Keeping away from astma triggers is the first advice in curing astma. Decontamination of things around you is also very important. You should use air conditionings for this. Clean your house to get rid of mold spores. Avoid cold air which can get through your nose and mouth. Consume more vegetables and fruits. Avoid being overweight.

  • Bronchitis. Bronchitis can be chronic or acute. More common is acute bronchitis. Usually respiratory infection or cold leads to acute bronchitis. The symptoms of this disease are gurgling lung sounds. More serious condition is chronic bronchitis.

Treatment. If you are a smoker you should give up this unhealthy habit. If there are some places where you feel that your lungs are irritated you should avoid them. You can wear a mask in these places as well. Drink more water. Have a rest enough for you. Pulmonary therapy can be used in case of chronic bronchitis. Some medicines, antibiotics and an inhaler can be used too.

  • Pulmonary edema. The symptoms of pulmonary edema are: difficulty breathing, anxiety, pale color of skin, gurgling lung sounds, coughing with blood, nasal flaring.

Treatment. You should eat less salt. Doctor prescribes special diet in case of pulmonary edema as well. You should watch your weight every day and control your blood pressure. Sleeping a lot at night is also important for pulmonary edema.

  • Emphysema. Usually smokers are in the group of risk to get this disease. In case if a person has emphysema the shape of air sacs of his lungs changes to irregular pockets. Inner walls of air sacs get gaping holes. The shape of lungs surface area reduces. It means that a person gets not enough of oxygen. It is hard to exhale.

Treatment. If emphysema damaged lungs it is impossible to reverse them. Usually treatment helps to slow down the progression of this disease. You should avoid smoking and even do not be near the smokers. You should do the exercises regularly on order to increase the lung capacity. Avoid cold air and respiratory infections. Doctor can also prescribe some steroids, antibiotics, bronchodilators.

  • Lung cancer. Lung cancer is a common disease for smokers. It usually starts in lungs. Cells grow unrestrainedly in lung tissues. Other symptoms (except gurgling lung sounds) are coughing or blood coughing, shortness of breath and weight loss.

Treatment. If you have problems with breathing try to find a comfortable position. Save your energy. Sleep enough. Being close to window is also important.

  • Blockage. Airways can be blocked or there can be too much pressure outside the lungs. Sometimes this condition may lead to atelectasis. Usually main cause of such disorder is foreingn bodies in your air passage. It may also be a result of injury, pleural effusion, lung scarring, tumors or pneumonia.

Treatment: supplemental oxygen, exercises, special breathing exercises, mechanical ventilation.

Define kegel exercises and their benefits for women’s health

Trained pelvic floor muscles help to experience better orgasms. In this case you can do some special exercises (vaginal fitness). Usually kegel exercises help to improve vaginal muscles and keep them trained. This article will define kegel exercises. It will help you to understand the benefits of kegel exercises.

define-kegel-exercisesSpecial balls which are used for vaginal fitness are called kegel balls. These small ball shaped weights are used since ancient times. To define kegel exercises you should know about kegel balls.

Obstetricians and gynecologists usually recommend them for training vaginal muscles. It helps to control the urinary better and improves the elasticity of the vaginal muscles.

Other positive influence of kegel balls using are improving sexual performance, massage of the vaginal walls which gives pleasant feelings.

How do the specialists define kegel exercises

Specialists define kegel exercises as special exercises for women which help them in their sexual life and other aspects. In this case kegel balls are very useful. So to define kegel exercises you should know about them. There are a lot of benefits of using kegel balls:

  • Your vaginal muscles will be strong
  • You will be more sensitive in sex
  • You will have better orgasms
  • You will be able to control your urinary bladder
  • Your sex drive will increase
  • You will be able to control your vaginal muscles better
  • They help to get pregnant easy

How to do kegel exercises

  1. First you should empty your bladder.
  2. Then insert kegel balls one by one at time. You can use lubricants. If you cannot do this easily lift one leg up. You can do this while lying down as well.
  3. Hold the balls in your vagina. Squeeze first the muscles of your leg and your PC muscles. You will have feelings like you are inserting the tampons.
  4. Hold these balls inside your vagina for 15 minutes every day. It will be enough to keep your muscles strong.
  5. There are several ways to remove the balls. You can sneeze them, jump up and down. You can even remove them coughing.

How kegel balls can be used

  • If you are the beginner you probably have weak PC muscles. In this case you can use plastic balls or larger duotone balls. Later when your vaginal muscles will be stronger you can use metal balls.
  • You can also use latex balls because they are more comfortable for some women. In this case it is recommended to clean them after using.
  • It is recommended to use kegel balls at home. Because they can slip out when you sneeze of cough.
  • Using of one or both the balls is possible during sexual intercourse. It will stimulate the penis and increase the lubrication of vagina.
  • Begin with smaller balls. Then you can use more heavily kegel balls for improving your vaginal muscles.

Two simple tips to treat discolored nail beds at home


discolored-nail-bedsSome doctors say that your nail beds are the mirror of your health condition. If you do not have any disorders their color is pink. In case if you ill they can be of different colors. You may have discolored nail beds (purple). Many illnesses may cause such condition. One of them is lack of oxygen in your organism. So what to do with discolored nail beds?

What causes discolored nail beds

  1. One of the causes of discolored nail beds can be poor circulation. In this case your fingernails become purple and tingling. It happens when your fingers do not get enough oxygen.
  2. Smokers may have discolored nail beds as well.
  3. If you have only one discolored fingernail it means there have been an injury and blood vessels under the nail bed can be broken. That is why your blood does not get to the nail bed. This condition is called subungual haematoma. But you should not worry too much about this problem because it means you have a bruise under your finger nail. You can make a small hole to relieve the pressure. But in this case infection may get to your nail. So it is not a good idea. If you feel severe pain you should better see a doctor.
  4. Discolored nail beds are usual for people who suffer from anemia. It happens because they have low level of iron in their blood. There is not enough oxygen and it makes their nails turn purple. It is recommended to take more iron and vitamin C supplement to increase the absorption of oxygen.

How to treat discolored nail beds

There are some tips which can help you if you have discolored nail beds.

  1. Heat your fingers and do the massage. It will help you to increase the circulation of blood in them.
  2. You can try to squeeze small ball throughout the day. It will increase the blood circulation as well.

If you follow these simple advice but they do not work you should visit a doctor. Your discolored nail beds may be a sign of a serious health problem.

When to see a doctor if your child has circumoral cyanosis

Blue lips may occure any time whether child is hyper active or when he wakes up in the morning. This condition can be a sign of circumoral cyanosis. In this article you will read about causes of children’s blue lips. What can be done if you noticed than your child has blue lips.

What are the causes of blue lips in children

circumoral-cyanosisUsually it is not normal if any part of child’s body gets blue. The main cause of it may be insufficient amounts of oxygen in blood. Other causes of blue lips are congenital heart defects, seizures, septic shock and lung conditions (asthma), croup or pneumonia. If your child has blue lips you should not worry about it because it is not a sign of serious problem. In fact circumoral cyanosis is normal for a young child. Usually this condition disappears without any treatment with time.

Conditions which can cause blue lips: astma, anemia, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, croup, methemoglobinemia, epiglottitis, tetralogy of fallot, and cyanotic heart disease, and shock, explosure to cold environments, coughing, and transposition of the major vessels.

What is circumoral cyanosis

Circumoral cyanosis occurs when there is not enough of oxygen in blood. Usually main causes of circumoral cyanosis are:

  • Lung disorders (pulmanory embolism, severe pneumonia)
  • Problems with heart (heart failure, congenital heart disease, cardiac arrest)
  • Conditions which affect the airways (shocking epiglottitis, seizures and bronchiectasis)
  • Blood disorders (polycythaemia, abnormal hemoglobin).

When to see a doctor if a child has circumoral cyanosis

What can be a sign of visiting a doctor if your child has blue lips? You should be very attentive and notice the main reasons to visit a doctor:

  1. You should watch the weight and development of your child. If he has a low weight or loses his weight it may mean that you have to visit a doctor.
  2. If a heart murmur was diagnosed you should visit a doctor in a short time.
  3. If you notice that your child has difficulty breathing or a cough it may be a sign of asthmatic
  4. Blue lips may be a symptom of a serious problem if your child gets tired quickly.

Potassium sorbate dangers in our everyday life

Potassium sorbate is a component for many products. Its main purposes of use are increasing the shelf life of commercial products and additional digestion. However it is a synthetic compound. There are some side effects from potassium sorbate using. What are potassium sorbate dangers?

What is Potassium Sorbate

potassium-sorbate-dangersPotassium hydroxide and sorbic acid have a reaction which produces a white or yellowish crystalline powder. Its PH is about 6.5 so it is slightly acidic. It is Potassium Sorbate.

Where can Potassium sorbate be used

  1. Potassium sorbate is widely used in order to preserve the products. Besides it is quite safe component for food and other produtcs.
  2. People often use it in order to preserve products. Potassium sorbate is a good preservative for fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meat.
  3. In wine making Potassium sorbate controls and limits the excessive growth of yeast.
  4. Potassium sorbate can be used in hair care products and skin care products. It saves these products for a long time.
  5. Potassium sorbate can be used in paints, rubber and plastic industry.

What are potassium sorbate dangers

Potassium sorbate is widely used in most brunches of industries. So it was important to know whether it is harmful for people’s health. Generally potassium sorbate is safe for people. But if people use potassium sorbate very often it can bring some side effects. Potassium sorbate dangers are its side effects such as:

  • Nausea, vomiting and gastric upset.
  • Allergic reactions can appear if you use cosmetic products with potassium sorbate.
  • In some cases extreme reactions appear after contact with skin hair or other parts of body.
  • If you consume products with potassium sorbate for a long time it can cause nutritional deficiencies. Particularly one of potassium sorbate dangers can be impairing the absorbtion of nutrients from food.

How to avoid potassium sorbate dangers

  1. Change the method of wine preparation
  2. Try to eat less canned foods

Best antifungal creams. What is Tinactin active ingredient?

If you have such problems as jock itch, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, and finger and toenail infection antifunginal creams can help you. Usually they contain some active ingredients which reduce fungal growth. These ingredients can be miconazole, econazole, tioconazole and clotrimazole. How to choose good antifunginal cream? What is Tinactin active ingredient?

How to choose a good antifungal cream

It is very difficult to choose a good antifungal cream.

  • First you should determine the fungal type. Because it will help you to know what treatment you need. You can use the internet in order to determine the type of fungal according to the pictures and descriptions. But it will be better if the doctor makes the proper diagnosis.
  • Next you should know if there is a need of other conditions treatment. Sometimes fungal infection can be paired with other issues.
  • You should know about antifunginal creams to avoid. There can be treatment which cannot be right for your problem.  So the proper treatment depends on skin type, body chemistry or complexion.
  • You should read the labels. It will help you to avoid undesirable ingredients which cannot help you. Sometimes these ingredients can make harm to you.
  • You should remember that the only person who can help you to choose the right remedy is your doctor.

What is the best antifunginal cream

Here is the list of the best untifunginal creams.

  1. Lotin Cream
  2. Redi Fix Funga Soap Liquid with Tea tree oil.
  3. Tinactin
  4. Clotrimazole antifungal cream USP 1 %
  5. Lotrimine AF antifungal cream.
  6. Lamizile
  7. Tioconazole

So the effect from the remedy depends on its components. For example we can look at Tinactin active ingredient.

What is Tinactin active ingredient

tinactin-active-ingredientTinactin is one of the most popular creams. It is available in pharmacies and discount stores. Tinactin active ingredient is tolnaftate. Tinactin is a nice remedy for treatment of ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot. You can use it to prevent these problems. So Tinactin active ingredient affects the treatment. That is why people choose Tinactin.

Makeshift humidifier is a nice solution for a dry air problem

makeshift-humidifierDry air can bring many problems. It can cause bad condition of your skin, dry membranes and cracked lips. Uncomfortable, sleepless nights can be the result of a dry air as well. However there is a solution for dry air problem. A usual humidifier can help to make the air in your flat better. But there are negative sides of electrical humidifier: it takes much space in your room and need much electricity for work (it costs a lot of money). There are many ways to create makeshift humidifier.

How to choose a good humidifier

Humidifiers of different types can help you to solve the problem of a dry air in your room. Humidifiers work according to the steam process principle. You should know the moisture content in your room. You can use the monitoring system if you want to find the optimal balance of air in your room. Both warm and cool mist humidifiers are useful to make the air in your room better. There is another type of humidifiers such as dual unit humidifier. So you have a wide choice of humidifiers for different purposes.

They can be personal, portable and Console or Flow. Humidifiers can be different according to their sizes and area coverage, capacities and efficiencies. The noise level is also very important when you choose a humidifier. Learn more information before you buy a humidifier which will help you to make the air in your room better.

How to create a makeshift humidifier

If you do not want to spend your money for usual electrical humidifier you can create makeshift humidifier yourself. There are many ways of creating makeshift humidifier.

  1. You can make a sponge humidifier. How does it work? It is a very easy way to humidify your room air. All you need is to place one or two sponges in a humid releasing tool in your room. Take a plastic bag and make holes in it. Then place wet big sponge inside this bag and keep it in the room. This method helps to humidify your room. Although this type of makeshift humidifier is good for small room.
  2. You can wet your curtains. They should be very wet. Warm water will evaporate the water on curtains and humidify your room.
  3. You can dry your clothes indoors. Clothes hanging inside the house can be a nice makeshift humidifier as well.
  4. Add houseplants to moisture the air in your room.
  5. You can place a pot or water container near the radiator. As it is warm it will evaporate the water. This makeshift humidifier can help you to solve the problem of dry air in your room.
  6. Hot shower is good for humidifying your flat too. The steam from the hot shower will circulate in the room and increase humidity level.
  7. The most quick and effective makeshift humidifier is boiling water. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to create pleasant smell in the room.
  8. Other tips are hanging damp towels under the heat, installing indoor fountains, using fish tank.

Easy tips how to get rid of a phlegmy cough

Phlegm can bring you many uncomfortable things. It may appear in the throat or in your nasal passage. Phlegm makes you feel bad when you cough or inhale. This problem brings a lot of discomfort. That is why you have to see a doctor immediately. He will tell you how to get rid of a phlegmy cough

How to get rid of a phlegmy cough

If you notice thick, concentrated, viscous, yellowish fluid in your nose or in the throat it can be quite unpleasant problem. You may have phlegm if you are ill. Although it can be produced by your body when you are healthy. Here are some tips how to get rid of phlegmy cough.

  1. The easiest way to answer th question how to get rid of a phlegmy cough is to cough it out. It sounds strange but how-to-get-rid-of a-phlegmy-coughthis method works. You should not swallow the phlegm. In this case it ingests into your body. All you need is just to use a tissue to gather phlegm from your throat when you cough it out.
  2. Drink much water. Drinking much water will help you to get rid of phlegmy cough. Besides this way will help you to prevent phlegmy cough.
  3. Use saline water for gargling. Flush your throat with saline water. This method will clean your throat. Do not swallow the mixture. Just gargle your throat and rinse the nose. Use warm salty solution.
  4. Mixture of honey and lemon helps to lose the weight and clear away your throat as well.
  5. Drinking herbal tea. Ingredients of warm herbal tea help to melt away the mucus and phlegm. Camomile, ginger and lemon tea help to get rid of phlegmy cough as well.
  6. Consuming ginger and garlic is a nice way to get rid of phlegm. Both ginger and garlic can be used in raw and even uncooked. They help to destroy bacteria in phlegm.
  7. You can try to eat chillie, peppers, wasabi and horseradish. These spicy foods will help you to make phlegm runny and lose it. They also makes the process of recovery quicker.
  8. Use eucalyptus oil for ribbing the infected area. It will help you to unclog phlegm.
  9. OTC expectorants help to get rid of plegm.

Now you know how to get rid of a phlegmy cough.

Plucking nipple hair and other tips how to get rid of nipple hair

plucking-nipple-hairNipple hair is not a big problem and you should not worry about it. But you need to visit a gynecologist if this condition is not under your control. Plucking nipple hair is one of the most widespread methods to get rid from nipple hair.

What can cause the hair around the nipple?

Nipple hair can be a result of hormonal changes. Usually this problem appears if your hormones fluctuate. Here is the list of nipple hair causes:

  • In the beginning of menstruation young girls can have nipple hair. Old women in the menopausal stage can experience nipple hair as well.
  • Pregnancy can be another reason. Because pregnant woman have hormonal changes.
  • If you try a completely new birth control method you can also have such problem of nipple hair. So if nipple hair is your problem it means that there are some hormonal changes in your organism.

Is plucking nipple hair the only good method?

If you have nipple hair it can bring you some discomfort. So there are many ways to get rid of nipple hair. Is plucking nipple hair the only way to get rid of nipple hair? There are several ways to remove nipple hair:

  • You can do the plucking nipple hair with tweezers. When you are plucking nipple hair you should make a point of pulling it straight out. In this case you will prevent the ingrown hair.
  • The area around the nipple is very sensitive so you have to avoid waxing and shaving. As a rule it grows back in three weeks-two months.
  • Your undesirable nipple hair can be removed using professional electrolysis. This method can be called permanent as well. It completely destroys the hair follicle. Because of using ofheat the hair will stop growing again.
  • You can also use laser treatment. However this way can help if you have dark hair on nipples.

Six easy tips how to get rid of hiccups in newborns

how-to-get-rid-of-hiccups-in-newbornsBabies can hiccup even in the womb. Other interesting fact is that babies under 1 year old can have a hiccup many times a day. This problem appears as a result of small contractions in the diaphragm of the baby. Usually it disappears very quickly without any treatment. But in some cases the baby needs some help, because he feels discomfort. This article will help you to know how to get rid of hiccups in newborns.

Are baby hiccups dangerous?

Most babies can have hiccups several times a day. And it is normal for them. The reason of hiccups is stimulation of the diaphragm muscle or an irritant. So hiccups are not dangerous for babies. But if your baby hiccups often with him or her spitting out a lot or he or she may seem cranky you need to see a doctor.

How to get rid of hiccups in newborns?

There are some advice how to get rid or hiccups in newborns.

  1. Pay attention to the feeding habits of your baby. You can feed more frequently, burp your baby, change feeding positions, you should make sure if your baby is latching on correctly, you should hold the bottle at 45 degrees.
  2. You should check if the baby has reflux. In some cases hiccup may appear as a gastroesophageal reflux. Your baby may suffer from stomach pain and hiccups. The symptoms of this problem are: – colicky behavior, -frequent spitting, -stomach pain.
  3. You can distract your baby. Such things as games and toys can help you to distract your baby if he hiccups. Play peekaboo or give your baby a chew toy.
  4. You can try to give your baby a little sugar under the tongue. However there is no research which can prove this advice how to get rid of hiccups in newborns.
  5. You can try to massage your baby’s back. It will not take much time. Just make a gentle back rub. It will loosen the muscle of your child. The direction of massage is upwards, from the bottom, of the back to the shoulder.
  6. Some people use gripe water to treat hiccups. It helps to soothe intestinal discomfort in the children. First try to give a cup of gripe water to your baby. Be careful because some babies may be allergic to some of the components of the gripe water.

These six easy tips how to get rid of hiccups in newborns can be helpful for you.

Interesting facts about decaf coffee. Is decaf coffee a diuretic?

is-decaf-coffee-a-diureticSome people cannot imagine their life without coffee. This drink helps them to wake up in the morning because it stimulates their nervous system. The thing is that caffeine is absorbed by the body very quickly. This fact helps you to feel energetic during few minutes. If you like coffee you should remember that it can cause negative effects on the body. In case if you are pregnant you should be careful with this drink. According to the scientific researches drinking much decaf coffee during pregnancy can be harmful as well as drinking coffee with caffeine. In this article you will read why you should not drink decaf coffee if you are pregnant. Other important question will be is decaf coffee a diuretic?

How much decaf coffee can be drunk a day during pregnancy?

It is not dangerous to drink decaf coffee during pregnancy. But you should remember about limits of drinking decaf coffee because it is not good if you drink more than 200 mg of caffeine every day (2 mugs of instant coffee). This limit is not dangerous for your future baby. However almost all decaf coffee contains some caffeine. So it is important to remember about limits when you drink it.

Usually one cup of decaf coffee contains 0-13,9 mg of caffeine.

Other interesting question is decaf coffee a diuretic bothers people as well as risks of drinking too much coffee during pregnancy.

Is drinking too much coffee dangerous during pregnancy?

Usually pregnant women must avoid drinking coffee. Decaf coffee should be reduced too. Why it you should be careful when you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Caffeine in coffee can increase your blood pressure. That is why it is dangerous for your pregnancy.

Is decaf coffee a diuretic?

The answer is “yes”. This fact can lead to dehydration. However you if you drink one cup of coffee it will not have much effect on your body. More than 360 milligrams of coffee can be a diuretic. It means if you drink more than 2 cups of decaf coffee it will have a mid diuretic effect to your body.

Other facts about decuf coffee

  • According to the last researches caffeine can get though the placenta and it is harmful for your fetus.
  • Drinking much coffee during pregnancy raises the risk of having of miscarriage.

So if it is interesting to know is decaf coffee a diuretic? The last researches proved that decaf coffee is a diuretic.


Consequenses and symptoms of emphysematous bleb and bullae of lung

Emphysematous bleb and bulla are widespread diseases. Usually they affect both lungs. The symptoms of bullae of lung can be represented by soreness, pressure in the chest and other disorders. It can be caused by different conditions. One of them can be emphysematous bleb. This disease can also lead to pneumathorax (severe condition). This article is about consequence of bullae of lung. You will learn what is emphysematous bleb as well.

What is bullae of lung?

emphysematous-blebUsually bellae of lung can be detected with an X-ray or CT scan. This disease can be seen as thin walled balloon-like sacs of air or gas in the tissue of the lung.

What are the symptoms of bullae of lung?

Bullae of lung can be determined according such symptoms:

  • soreness
  • difficulty breathing
  • pressure in the chest area
  • overall fatigue
  • bloated feeling
  • cyanosis
  • pain in the upper part of the body
  • dry coughs
  • shortness of breath

What causes emphysematous bleb?

Some people are in the group of risk. These are tall, thin young men. Usually some conditions which may cause bullae are:

  • Some disease and injury of the lung
  • If a person has any chest wall trauma
  • Emphysema
  • If a person suffers from tuberculosis
  • Anthracosilicosis
  • Lung tumors
  • Mediadtinal new growth
  • Localized scar tissue
  • Oedema of bronchus

In some cases Bullae of Lung may lead to Pneumothorax

Sometimes Emphysematous bleb and Bullae of lung may have consequences. Changes in the air pressure when scuba diving or even listening to loud music may cause the rupture of bullae at any time. It is dangerous to take deep breath suddenly. The pressure on the lungs can lead to pneumathorax. This pressure can be caused by air or gas which leaks into the pleural cavity because of rupture of bullae.

Symptoms of pneumathorax are:

  • Tightening of chest,
  • Easy fatigued
  • Sharp chest pain which becomes worse during deep breathing or coughing
  • Flaring of the nostrils
  • Bluish color of skin
  • Shortness of breath

Five tips how to distinguish herpes from the ingrown hair on vag

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish herpes from ingrown hair pr effects after shaving around the genitals. In case of ingrown hair on vag you should not worry. How does ingrown hair on vag look like? How to distinguish ingrown hair on vag from herpes?

How does ingrown hair on vag look like?

ingrown-hair-on-vagUsually if you have such problem and are afraid that it can be herpes you should visit a doctor. Sometimes people can confuse ingrown hair on vag with herpes. The visual symptoms of these disorders are a similar. If you have ingrown hair on vag it looks like red bumps.

What are the causes of ingrown hair on vag?

  • When the hair begins to grow after shaving the inflammation may appear on the skin.
  • The ingrown hair on vag may appear if you shave very often and close to skin.
  • If you wear tight clothes there is also a risk to have the ingrown hair on vag.
  • Usually this problem disappears in a few days.

How to prevent the ingrown hair on vag?ingrown-hair-on-vag

  • Shave your hair on vag in the direction they grow.
  • Use moisturizing remedies before shaving.
  • Try to irritate your skin with razor blade less.
  • Avoid removing your unwanted hair on vag too often.

How to distinguish herpes from ingrown hair on vag?

Both problems are similar. The visual symptoms (red bumps on vag) are alike. Usually ingrown hair disappears in a few days after shaving.  Symptoms of herpes may disappear as well but some time later they may be seen again. So the first step for distinguishing herpes from ingrown hair will be examination of a blister. You need a towel, magnifying mirror and cotton ball or gauze.

  1. Your hands should be very clean.
  2. A magnifying mirror will help you very much.
  3. You should examine the blisters very carefully (usually the blisters from herpes are clear, cloudy and yellow).
  4. If you cannot see the ingrown hair inside the blister gently touch the lesions. Use a cotton bal or gauze. If the fluid from blister flows examine it. In case of ingrown hair on vag it will be white and waxy puss. If you have herpes infection the liquid will be yellow.
  5. Use a disinfector for careful cleaning. Clean your hands, tools and. You should also clean the surface which you have touched.

Helpful tips to distinguish habitual liar symptoms

There is no person in the world which never lied to anybody. You may probably exaggerate some facts, omit little details or tell different story. There are people who can be called pathological liars. It can be a psychological disorder if a person twists the truth very often. Sometimes liar even do not notice that it is his habit to lie. What are the habitual liar symptoms? This article will help you to answer this question.

What kind of a person can be called pathological liar?

habitual-liar-symptomsUsually pathological liar does not know about his psychological problem. He cannot notice that lie is bad habit. It makes suffer people around him. Pathological liar does is spontaneously and cannot control his wish to lie. This happens very often. One of habitual liar symptoms is impulsive character. This person even does not think about affects of his lie. These habitual liar symptoms bring much discomfort to people around.

What are the causes of pathological lying?

Some personality disorders may lead to Pathological lying. These disorders are: sociopathic, sociopathic, histrionic, narcissistic, or borderline personality. If a person grows or lives in a dysfunctional family he probably will be a Pathological liar. Facts of physical or sexual abuse during childhood can also be a reason of Pathological lying. Usually liars suffer from substance abuse. Other disorders which can lead to Pathological lying are pathological gambling, kleptomania, compulsive shopping, learning disabilities, mental retardation and so on. Some suggestible or accommodating personality traits can also cause habitual lying.

How to distinguish habitual liar symptoms?

Pathological lying is a psychological disorder and it can be distinguished if you know the signs of pathological lying. These signs are:

  • The person smiles when he tells the lie
  • He does not move his head when he lies
  • He plays some objects, scratches his head, etc.
  • The pitch of his voice is increased or heightened
  • Usually if a person lies he speaks slowly
  • A liar uses such pause fillers as “uh”, “hm” or “er” very often
  • There are some nonverbal signals which may help to know that it is a Pathological liar.

How to distinguish difference between flea bites and bed bug bites

It is not easy to distinguish the difference between flea bites and bed bug bites. The symptoms of the both bites are red bumps on the body.  This article is about difference between flea bites and bed bug bites.

Two of the most widespread insects which live in the people’s environment are fleas and bed bugs. Usually red bumps appear in the area of their bites. They can bite your hands or legs and other parts of the body.

What is the difference between flea bites and bed bug bites?

Common symptoms of flea bites and bed bug bites are itching and red bumps on the body. Usually they do not require any treatment and disappear during one week. If you have these symptoms for a long period of time you should see a doctor. You have to visit a doctor if you cannot find the cause of red bumps on your body.

If a flea bites your body you may suffer from intensely itchy in the place of a bite. Usually this insect chooses legs difference-between-flea-bites-and-bed-bug-bitesand feet. One more unpleasant thing is that the bump may possibly turn into a blister or open sore in a day. Avoid scratching because it causes secondary infection. Some people are hypersensitive to the bites of fleas.

difference-between-flea-bites-and-bed-bug-bitesBites of bed bugs are often represented by red bumps with central dark red spot. You can feel itchy in the area of a bite as well. These bites look like rough lines or clusters. One more difference between flea bites and bed bug bites is that affected places are face, neck, arms and hands. It is not easy to distinguish this kind of bites because some do not have any reactions to the bed bugs bites. Although some people have very strong itching. They have blisters or hives.

Corona extra alcohol percentage and calories

corona-extra-alcohol-percentagePeople from 150 countries around the world have an opportunity to drink Corona beer. It is a quite popular beer.  There are two types of this drink: Corona and Corona light. They are both tasty with a piece of lime. Mexicans like to drink them in summer. People prefer this beer for its light, fruity flavor. Besides its taste is not overwhelmingly sweet. This article will be about Corona extra alcohol percentage and other beers. And how alcohol percentage affects the calories content in beer.

What is corona extra alcohol percentage?

Corona extra alcohol percentage is 4,6 %. It also has 148 calories. As for the light version of Corona extra alcohol percentage is 4,5%.  There are 109 calories in Corona light. This beer is very popular for its low level of calories as well. Usually people who control their calories which they get with food and drinks prefer Corona beer.

Can I drink beer and stay slim?

This question can be asked by people who like beer very much. You can compare different beers. It will help you to know which is better for those who keep the diet. You can compare different sorts of beer according to the taste, overall calorie content. You can also compare corona extra alcohol percentage with other beers.

Name of beer Calories CaloriesPer ounce of alcohol Alcoholpercentage Characteristics
Aspen Edge 94 191,1 4,1% Low option of carbohydrates
Beck’s Light 64 140,4 3,8% It is an expansive beer. You will probably drink not much because this beer has quite big alcohol percentage.
Miller Genuine Draft 64 64 190,5 2,8% Some people claim that it has not flavor
Michelob Ultra 95 193,1 4,1% Most drinkers admit that it has not good taste. This beer has not many carbohydrates.
Miller Lite 96 190,5 4,2% It has more carbohydrates than Miller Genuine Draft 64.
Corona Light 109 201,9 4,5% Many beer drinkers say that it has the best taste in compare with other light beers. Light version is almost similar with Corona beer.
Natural Light 95 188,5 4,2% Natural Light beer is popular for its low price.
Milwaukee’s Best Light 98 181,5 4,5% It has classic flavor and low calorie content.
Milwaukee’s Best Ice 144 203,4 5,9% This beer is expensive. Besides it has high level of calories.


Periosteal bruise as a type of bone bruise

Bone bruise is an uncomfortable disease of bones. Bone bruises may have many reasons. This article will be about the most common causes of bone bruise. What are the types of bone bruise? What is periosteal bruise?

What is bone bruise?

periosteal-bruiseBone bruise is similar to tissue bruise and fracture. It also can be called bone contusion or bone swelling. This problem appears as a result of injury or blunt trauma to the issues that support the bones. Bone bruise can be easily detected with MRI machine.

What are the causes of bone bruises?

  1. If you do some sport you probably have trauma or any type of injury sometimes. You can fall or bump into other person or his equipment. That is why many players wear protective gear. It can be helmet and shin guard. This equipment helps to avoid traumas when you do sports.
  2. Traumas, falls and accidents can cause bone bruises as well. Every day people get into the car accidents. People also get bone bruises after falling or slipping.
  3. Joint sprains and twisting in the area of ankle or knee can also lead to bone bruise.

What is periosteal bruise?

Periosteal bruise is a type of bone bruises. Bone bruise can have three types: subcutaneous bruises, intramuscular bruises and periosteal bruises. Periosteal bruise can appear as a result of injury to outer layer blood vessels. Periosteal bruise is considered to be the most painful bone bruise.

What are the symptoms of bone bruise?

The symptoms of bone bruise depend on the seriousness of injury. The most common symptoms of bone bruise are:




If you have any of these symptoms after injury you have to see a doctor immediately. Severe pain may be a sign of periosteal bruise. Anyway you can determine the diagnosis with the help of X-rays.

When to give up using Ic Amox TR-K CLV.

Penicillin antibiotic (Augmentin) is widely used in treatment of many diseases such as viral infections (common cold or flu, pneumonia, sinusits, strep throat, bronchitis, skin infections, urinary tract infections and ear infections). The other term of Augmentin is Ic Amox TR-K CLV. This medicine is very helpful but it has side effects as well.

What is Ic Amox TR-K CLV

ic-amox-tr-k-clvIc Amox TR-K CLV is penicillin antibiotic Augmentin. It contains amoxicillin. This antibiotic fights bacteria. Clavulanate is another component of Ic Amox TR-K CLV which is used to fight bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and penicillin as well. Ic Amox TR-K CLV is a good remedy for treatment skin infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, ear infections, pneumonia and sinusitis.

What can be the side effects of Ic Amox TR-K CLV

Although Ic Amox TR-K CLV is a very helpful remedy it has many side effects. Ic Amox TR-K CLV side effects may be light and serious. If you suffer from some of serious side effects you should give up using this medicine immediately and ask a doctor for the help.

One of unpleasant side effects of using Ic Amox TR-K CLV is vaginal yeast infection which can be accompanied by discharge or itching. Other side effects can be white patches n the throat or mouth, itching or a skin rash. You can also feel headache, have nausea or vomiting and stomach pain, gas or mild diarrhea. These side effects are not serious and disappear as soon as you give up using Ic Amox TR-K CLV.

Serious side effects are: severe skin reaction, jaundice, clay colored stools, dark urine, loss of appetite, itching, upper stomach pain, nausea, seizure, unusual behavior of thoughts confusion, agitation, muscle weakness, pain, and numbness. Other serious side effects can be severe tingling, bruising, skin rash, weakness, confusion, yellowed or pale skin, watery or bloody diarrhea. Allergic reaction which would include swelling on the throat, tongue, lips or face, difficulty breathing and hives can be as well.

Ways to determine how long does cotinine stay in your system.

People have many bad habits. Among them is smoking or using any other tobacco products (cigarettes, pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco). Your blood takes continue with all those products. Continine is what your body metabolizes when nicotine enters your organism. There is a test which is used to determine the level of nicotine and coninine in your blood. If you are interested in question how long does cotinine stay in your system this article is for you.

How long does cotinine stay in your system?

how-long-does-cotinine-stay-in-your-systemSo you take nicotine with tobacco products. What is then? After smoking or chewing tobacco your blood gets nicotine which is metabolized into continine. Now your blood, urine, saliva and hair contain both nicotine and continine. So how long does cotinine stay in your system?

  1. How long does continine stay in your blood system?

The most accurate test to determine the level of nicotine in your organism is blood test. It is done in the lab. Blood test shows the level of nicotine or continine in your organism.

How long does cotinine stay in your system depends on the level of nicotine in your blood. Usually it goes out of your organism within 1-10 days. But it will be so if you give up using tobacco.

  1. How long does continine stay in your urine?

The most common way to determine how much nicotine is in your organism is urine test. By the way it is quite cheap test. All you need is to use a test strip. In 5 minutes you will see the result of test. Usually nicotine and continine are not present in the urine within 3-4 days in case if you stop smoking. You should remember that if you are a passive smoker continine can be detected in your organism in 15-20 days.

  1. How long does continine stay in your saliva?

The most sensitive test to answer the question “how long does cotinine stay in your system” is determining the level of continine in your saliva. In this case special strip soaked in your saliva will show you the result in 20 minutes. So continine stays in your saliva up to 4 days.

  1. How long does continine stay in your hair?

The longest test to measure the level of continine in your organism is test which needs growing of your hair. It is also the most expensive test. Because your hair is taken very close to the scalp (as close as possible). Sometimes your hair can be pulled out of the sculp. This kind of test is used in some months after using tobacco products. So continine stays in your hair for 1-3 months. But in some cases it can be detected even in a year.

How long does cotinine stay in your system? So it can be detected in your organism in some days or even a year after you give up smoking.

When to see a doctor if you have snotty vaginal discharge.

snotty-vaginal-dischargeUsually vaginal discharge has no smell and color. Its main function is to remove dead cells and remove bacteria. If you feel itching in vagina and you have burning sensation, you have smelly, differently colored discharge you have problems with your health. What means normal vaginal discharge? What are the causes of abnormal snotty vaginal discharge?

What is normal snotty vaginal discharge?

If you have no problems with your health the color of your snotty vaginal discharge is clear white. It can be cloudy white as well. When it is dry it turns yellowish. Sometimes you can notice white flakes in your vaginal discharge. The consistence and color of them can change because of many situations such as:

  • Emotional stress
  • Use of medicines
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Birth control pills
  • Menstrual cycle changes.

Symptoms of abnormal snotty vaginal discharge.

  • Blood in your vaginal discharge
  • Clumps in vaginal discharge
  • Bad smell of the discharge
  • Yellow, green, gray, white color, fishy smell, itching and burning sensation while urinating can indicate infection or abnormal vaginal discharge.

What are the causes of abnormal snotty vaginal discharge?

Fungal infection. If you have watery or white discharge and have itching and soreness around vagina you probably have thrush. Yeasty smell is a sign of this disorder as well.

Bacterial vaginosis is a disease caused by bacterial infection of vagina. In this case you do not feel any itching sensation. But the main symptom is fishy smell of snotty vaginal discharge.

Mild form of infection of vagina causes yellow green or frothy discharge. Other causes of this condition can be yeast infection or infection with single cell parasite (Trichomoniasis). In this case the infection can be transmitted sexually. You can feel pain during sex.

Gonorrhea or Chlamidia are sexually transmitted infections. These serious disorders have such symptoms: you feel pain while urinating, pain in the pelvic region, bleeding after sex, bleeding between periods. It is recommended to consult a GP or a sex specialist immediately.

Genital herpes is another serious disease.  Main symptoms of genital herpes are: red blisters and sores on the vagina and the portion around it.

Other causes for the abnormal snotty vaginal discharge are:

  • Side effects of Steroids use,
  • Cervical cancer
  • Bubbly baths, scented soaps, lotions
  • Effects from the surgery in the pelvic region

How to prevent abnormal snotty vaginal discharge?

  1. First of all you should have clean sex habit, clean and healthy living to prevent abnormal snotty vaginal discharge.
  2. You should also wear cotton underpants
  3. Use mild soap and warm water to keep your vagina clean.
  4. It is not advised to use the scented soaps and douches excessively and bubble baths as well.
  5. To prevent the bacterial infection use a toilet issues from front to back.
  6. Do not wear tight clothes.

The main causes of blackish green stool

blackish-green-stoolIn normal condition people have yellow-brown stool. This color forms from the bile in the liver. The color of stool depends on your condition. It can be blackish green. If the color of stool is not normal for a long time and you should visit a doctor.

What causes blackish green stool?

Green color of feces can appear because of many factors. Usually your metabolism and functioning of your digestive tract determines the color of your stool.

Main causes of blackish green stool are:

  1. Your every day meals. Many products may cause blackish green stool. But they can change the color of your feces if they are consumed in very big quantities. These foods are: green vegetables (cabbage, peas, and lettuce), Jell-O Popsicles and sherbet. Food with much of iron (red meat and beans) also affects your stool color.
  1. Vitamin supplements and medications. Some vitamin supplements and medications change the color of your stool. These supplements and medications are: iron supplements, vitamins and medicines with chlorophyll and fructose.
  2. Flatulence can also cause blackish green stool. After you get rid of flatulence the color of your stool will be normal.
  3. After eating meats and eggs that have been undercooked there is a probability to get salmonella. This disease may be a reason of blackish green stool.
  4. Food poisoning or flu may cause bouts of diarrhea. When you suffer from this disorder your digestive system does not break down the salts. These salts do not absorb and cause the blackish green stool.
  5. Gastrointestinal diseases. Irritable bowel syndrome, Celia disease, colitis and Crohn’s disease upset the process of absorption of bile salts in your intestines. This condition gives your stool the green color.
  6. When you have stress you experience bowel movements that occur faster than in normal condition. And the color of your stool may become green.
  7. Food poisoning. After eating food with bacteria you can suffer from food poisoning. You can also feel fever or cramps. In this case you should immediately ask a doctor for help.


Transient lingual papillitis treatment at home.

transient lingual-papillitis-treatmentSmall, soft, white or reddish tongue bumps may occur on the tongue. This disorder is pimple on tongue. It has medical term “transient lingual papillitis”. These bumps look swollen and painful. You should now worry about this problem much because it is not life threatening condition. Transient lingual papillitis treatment requires some lifestyle changes.

Symptoms of pimple on tongue are: large and white bumps on tongue, fever or flu symptoms (in some cases).

Before transient lingual papillitis treatment you should know what causes pimple on tongue

  • Allergic reactions on food.
  • Injury can hurt surface of the tongue
  • Too much fatty foods in you ration
  • Viral infection
  • Oral thrush or oral candidiasis
  • Wrong personal hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Canker sores may be a result of stress condition
  • Enlarged papillae
  • Oral cancer

What is transient lingual papillitis treatment at home?

For transient lingual papillitis treatment topical ointment is not good remedy. Antibiotics do not work in this situation as well. So you can do transient lingual papillitis treatment at home. The main home remedies of pimple on tongue are:

  1. Abstinence from certain food. You should refuse from too fatty, spicy, salty, sour, hot or sweetened food. Do not eat any snacks or very hot foods.
  2. Oral hygiene is very important for transient lingual papillitis treatment. You should clean your tongue twice a day, floss it regularly.
  3. Gargling salty water will help you to prevent the spread of the infection. This way of treatment will also make the pimples smaller.
  4. Use a medical mouthwash every day. It will clean and relieve your mouth.
  5. If you have acute pain you can use antiseptic medicine. Try topical applications to prevent further irritation and heal the bumps.
  6. Chew fresh mint leaves before going to bed.
  7. Hydrogen peroxide or baking soda will control the bacteria. Apply a paste of baking soda on the affected parts.
  8. You can use hydrogen peroxide and water. Coat the white pimple with a cotton swab soaked in water and hydrogen peroxide.
  9. Magnesia milk helps to reduce sore pimples.
  10. In case if this condition is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B use vitamin B supplements.
  11. Ice chips or cubes are good to reduce pain.
  12. Mixture of two figs and warm milk are helpful if the reason of the pimples is indigestion or a gastrointestinal problem.

Easy and cheap ways to prevent keloids on nose piercing

After getting piercing there is a risk of small bump formation occurring. Sometimes the infection may develop into scar tissue. Keloids on nose piercing can appear outside the piercing.  Usually it takes a little time for a nose piercing bump disappearing.  In case if treatment does not help you to get rid of nose piercing bump you should better visit a doctor for advice. You will need treatment to prevent keloids on nose piercing.

How to prevent keloids on nose piercing

keloids-on-nose-piercingYou can easily treat all effects after piercing at home. If you have granulomas tea tree oil and hydrocortisone creams can help you. Antibiotic gels and creams will kill the infection. Keloids on nose piercing always require medical advice. You should also ask doctors for help if there are abscesses or any other serious medical conditions.

  1. Sea Salt Soaks help to get ris of nose piercing bumps and prevent keloids on nose piercing. All you need is a cotton ball with sea salt solution. You should place it on your nose for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this procedure 1-2 times a day. You can also rinse the nostril with sea salt.
  2. Compresses with chamomile tea bag. Use warm tea bags to treat piercing bumps. Place them on the piercing site for 10 minutes. If the tea bag is cold, warm it in water.
  1. Tea tree oil dap. Sometimes the treatment with sea salt or tea bags does not help to reduce bumps after piercing. In these cases you can use tea tree oil. Add one drop of tea oil into skin friendly oil. Use a cotton bud to apply this oil twice a day.  But this way of treatment should not be used too much.
  1. Use aspirin paste. Turn the aspirin into a paste with the help of water. Place it into a very little fluid. Use this aspirin paste before going to bed. This method will prevent keloids on nose piercing.

Main causes of white spots on lips. Are fordyce spots contagious?

Are fordyce spots contagious? Appearance of white spots on lips influences on the general presentation of a person. This condition even can lead to depression, lower self-esteem and low confidence. In most cases if you have white spots on your lips you should not worry because they are benign. Although they can reflect a more grave pathology or even underlying disorder.

are-fordyce-spots-contagiousWhite spots (bumps) can appear on your lips because of sexually transmitted infections. Other causes of white spots on lips are allergic response to certain irritants, chemicals or allergens. They can appear as immunological reactions to other systemic disorders. This article will help you to answer main questions about white spots on lips such as “are fordyce spots contagious?”

What are the causes of white spots on lips?

Are Fordyce spots contagious? This question is usually asked by people who have this condition or contact with people suffering from white spots on lips. Many disorders may cause this condition. In most cases it is not difficult to cope with this problem. Usually clinicians are just maintaining hydration and retaining moisture content of lips. These measures are supposed to help to get rid of white spots on lips. It is advised to pat lips with water frequently and drink much water. You should also consult a healthcare provider in short terms. Because this condition may spread. Besides it can have controversial nature. If you have worsening or feel pain, discomfort swelling or bleeding you should immediately visit a doctor. Dermatologist can help you as well.

What is Cold Sores treatment?

Painful blisters are cold sores. They may be caused by viral infection. Herpes simplex is very contagious. Antiviral drugs are usually prescribed for cold sore treatment. Avoiding any type of physical contact during active infection is also recommended. You should maintain good hygiene. Nutrition is important side of treatment.

Can sunburn cause white spots on lips?

Over dose of UV rich sunlight can be another reason of white spots on lips. Specialists advise to avoid straight intense sunrays. They can lead to swelling peeling and appearance of spots. You should use vitamin E and gels to prevent further loss of skin moisture. Drink more water and avoid using chemicals on lips.

Are fordyce spots contagious?

Usually Fordyce’s spots are white. They can be of different colors and appear at or around lips. So are fordyce spots contagious? This disorder is benign. The sources of Fordyce’s Spots are ectopic sebaceous glands which are associated with ducts. These ducts open at or around hair pores that serve as a passage. Their function is releasing and excretion of sebum. Secretion can pool inside the glands because if ectopic sebaceous glands not associated with any ducts. Often people do not feel any pain. This condition does not have any complication. The answer to the question “are Fordyce spots contagious” is “no”. Treatment of Fordyce’s spots includes using of laser.

Contact allergy causes white spots on lips

Some chemicals, cosmetics, lip sticks and skincare products can lead to white spots on lips. In this case you have to avoid obnoxious agents which may lead to allergic responses on skin and lips. In some severe situations you should use steroids and antihistamines.

What to do if bacterial infection causes white spots on lips?

In case if bacterial infection causes white spots on your lips the tips for treatment are: drinking much water, lips moisturizing, using of anti-bacterial ointments and analgesics.

One of the symptoms of Lip cancer are white spots on lips.  Another reason of white spots on lips is cancer. Skin biopsy is the best method to confirm neoplastic changes.

So if you ask are fordyce spots contagious the answer will be “no” because they represent a natural occurrence on the body and no not need any treatment.

Helpful tips about ways of decalcifying pineal gland.

decalcifying-pineal-glandThe pineal gland is situated in the centre of the brain close to the more well-known pituitary gland. It is one of the smallest and most important glands of the organism. Pineal Gland got its name because of pine cone shape. It has another name “third eye”. Our body sleep-wake pattern is controlled by this small gland. Sometimes calcification of pineal gland occurs because of many factors. If the person has this problem he has to treat it and do decalcifying pineal gland immediately.

What is the function of pineal gland?

There are several functions of the pineal gland. One of them is secretion of melatonin (hormone which causes sleepiness and regulates certain endocrine functions). Signals in the endocrine system are converted from the nervous system with the help of Pineal Gland as well.

The body’s normal aging process depends on the Pineal Gland. It controls the sex drive, hunger, thirst and biological clock. Melatonin which is produced by the Pineal Gland controls our sleepiness and wakefulness.

Do pineal gland provide Spiritual Connection?

decalcifying-pineal-glandAs you know the pineal Gland is also called “the third eye”. For a long period of time it has been seen as a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. It is considered to be the seat of higher consciousness. It connects with the metaphysical world. This connection activates during meditation and visualization yoga.

What is Pineal Gland Calcification?

Pineal Gland Calcification is a process of calcium phosphate crystals accumulation on the pineal gland. It may occur in the very young age and makes the Pineal Gland hardened. Besides it loses much of its functionality.

There are many causes of Pineal Gland calcification:

  • Fluoride in water and toothpaste
  • Some food additives (artificial sweeteners)
  • The radiation from cell phones

Why is decalcifying pineal gland important?

The pineal gland provides good sleep that is why it is important to keep it active. It also helps to be wide awake during the day.  Hormonal control is another function of Pineal Gland. So decalcifying Pineal Gland is very important because it helps to activate it.

How is decalcifying pineal gland made?

You should make a few steps which help in decalcifying pineal gland process.

  1. Try not to use fluoride.

Eat food without fluoride and drink water which does not contain this substance. Avoid fluoride-containing tap water, red meat, sodas and artificial foods and drinks.

  1. Use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want to detoxify your body and the pineal gland use raw apple cider vinegar. It contains the malic acid. Besides raw apple cider improves digestive system process foods.

  1. Oregano oil and Neem extract

Oregano oil and neem extract also help in decalcifying pineal gland. They purify other parts of the endocrine system and fortify the immune system. Oregano and neem extract are considered as natural antibiotic in the body. They are used for decalcifying pineal gland for many years.

  1. Essentials oils will help to decalcify pineal gland

In the process of decalcifying pineal gland essentials oils are also helpful. Use lavender, parsley, pine, sandalwood; pink lotus and frankincense essential oils. You can add them to warm water when you take a bath.

  1. Regular meditation and chanting.

Meditate, chant for 10 minutes every day, practice yoga because these actions are helpful for decalcifying pineal gland.

Is sociopathy hereditary? And other facts about sociopaths and psychopaths.

is-sociopathy-hereditaryPsychopaths and sociopaths are people with psychological disorders who cannot be helped and are doomed for life. These disorders are often associated with serial killers which have to be banished from society. However last researches proved that these diseases are not the alike. Some people ask is sociopathy hereditary? There are some differences between Psychopath and Sociopath.

Is sociopathy hereditary?

It is difficult to find differences between Psychopath and sociopath. They are very similar at first sight. Let us answer the question “is sociopathy hereditary”

  1. Sociopathy and heredity.  Though anti-social behavior is the common symptom of sociopaths and psychopaths it can also be a factor which makes them different. Genetics and heredity are the reasons for a person becoming psychopath. And environmental factors can make a person sociopath.
  2. Temperaments differ. Usually sociopaths know how to behave in society. They are not temperamental in nature. The reasons of this disease are a bad company, negligence of the parents, hyper intelligence or poverty than anything else. In its turn psychopaths do not understand how to behave in society and cannot cope with the norms of the society. They are impulsive and fearless by nature. Usually psychopaths cannot control their temperamental issues.
  3. How Psychopaths and sociopaths behave in society. Psychopaths do not plan their acts of violence. They are impulsive.  Most of the crimes made by psychopaths are committed in haste. Sociopaths plan their crimes very meticulously. They act methodically according to their violent plan.
  4. Feel remorse or not.Psychopaths are not able to feel empathy or remorse for their fellow beings. Sociopaths feel guilty for their actions. Unlike the psychopaths sociopaths do not lie to people or manipulate them.
  5. Social relations of sociopaths and psychopaths. It is hard to mix with other people of the society for Psychopaths. They cannot build new relationships. People with such disease cannot maintain the relationships with their family members. They like to be alone. There are no such difficulties for sociopaths. Although most of their relations are parasitic and they depend on others.

Sociopaths can interact with other people easily and they can find their success in their career. Psychopaths often cannot build a career themselves.

In order to contain the boredom sociopaths indulge in dramatic acts and create conflicts between the people in the group. In the question of coping with boredom psychopaths find something more constructive. So is sociopathy hereditary, the anwser is yes.

How is gum recession reversal made? Treatment for receding gums.

gum-recession-reversalReceding gums is not only esthetic problem. It is a problem with health as well. Usually receding gums are result of gum infection which is called periodontitis. Chronic infection affects the tissues and bones around the teeth and leads to gum deterioration. People always try to reach gum recession reversal. In this case the dentist can help you.

Is it possible to reach gum recession reversal?

There are many factors which may cause receding gums:

  • Gum infection
  • Aggressive tooth brushing
  • Using of tobacco
  • Hormonal changes teeth grinding

In case if the problem is on the first stage you can try home remedies in order to reach gum recession reversal. If your gums are in very bad condition you should ask the dentist for help.

Natural remedies for gum recession reversal

  1. Proper Dental Hygiene helps in gum recession reversal.
    Choose soft toothbrush and use it gently without aggressive strokes with circular motion. Do not push the gums upward. If you choose a motorized toothbrush it has to be with a small head. Dentists also recommend regular flossing and brushing after meal. It will help you to avoid infection and receding gums.
  2. Eat more vitamins. Vitamins and nutrients are important not only for your general heath but for your gums. Everybody knows that Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation from gum disease and promotes gum regeneration. So you should eat such fruits as strawberries, pineapple.  Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus are rich for vitamins too.
  3. Use a germicidal mouth rinse.
  4. Mouthwash containing few drops of essential oils such as peppermint, clove or sage will help you to prevent gum infections. Rinse your mouth for about a minute.
  5. Lots of plain water for cleaning and healing.  Drink much plain water and your gums will be healthy. Drinking plain water you swish around the mouth after eating and remove particles of food which may leave after having meal.
  6. Try oiling pulling for gum recession reversal. There is Ayurvedic technique (pilling) which helps to reverse gum recession and promotes gum growth. You should pull or suck the oil through your teeth. For this way of treatment take one tablespoon of sesame oil or virgin coconut oil. Do this procedure until the oil becomes white. After it spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with water.
  7. More remedies for gum recession reversal. You can also use supplements such as calcium, ginkgo biloba, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, Zinc. Use less sugar, caffeine, alcohol, food with flour.

Medical treatment for gum recession reversal

Dentists may recommend you such medical treatments as

  1. Regeneration of lost bone
  2. Pocket Depth reduction
  3. Soft tissue Graft

The treatment will depend on the intensively of gum receding.

Main ingredient in Lipozene and its side effects.

main-ingredient-in-lipozeneThere are many supplements which will help you to solve many problems with your health. If you want to fight obesity you can use Lipozene. It is a herbal supplement manufactured by the Obesity Research I. What is the main ingredient in Lipozene? The components of Lipozene are: vegetable fiber, glucomannan, which is extracted from the konjac plant also called elephant yam. Before using Lipozene you have to know about side effects of Lepozene. They may appear because of the reaction of your organism on main ingredient in Lipozene.

What is Lipozene for?

If you want to lose your weight you can choose Lipozene.

How the main ingredient in Lipozene influences on its properties

Lipozene absorbs quickly and easily in the stomach. The main ingredient in Lipozene is the Konjac root (a plant qrown in Asia and Japan). Another main ingredient in Lipozene is fiber (30 %) which can cause stomach upsets, nausea, diarrhea and gas.

Functions of Lipozene

You should take this supplement before meal. It will fill up the stomach. The main ingredient in Lipozene helps to increase the absorption of it. Take the supplement in small doses. Because its chemical properties interact with the cholesterols and bile acids in the stomach before it is deposited into the bowels. But the main thing you should remember before using this supplement is that your organism may lose other crucial nutrients when the mixture will eliminate from the body.

The main igredient in Lipozene causes side effects

Lipozene treats high cholesterol, type 2 dyabets, constipation and obesity. But it has side effects because main ingredient in Lipozene may affect your general health. So you should consult a doctor before using it.

Common side effects of Lipozene are:

  • Digestion, stomach bloating and gas.
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Allergic reactions

Can you take Lipozene if you are pregnant?

This supplement is not advised for expectant mothers. The main ingredient in Lipozene is natural and safe but using it while being pregnant you will not have any concrete benefits. It is not necessary to take this weight loss herb.


Treatment of toenail separating from nail bed

If you have toenail separating from nail bed it is a raised toenail. This condition is also known as onycholysis. Sometimes people do not feel any intense pain in case they have toenail separating from nail bed. That is why usually people do not notice this problem.

How to treat toenail separating from nail bed?

toenail-separating-from-nail-bedCauses of toenail separating from nail bed. Chemical effects or trauma, skin disease (psoriasis) or systematic diseases (thyrotoxicosis) may cause toenail separating from nail bed. If somebody in your family has this problem there is a risk that you inherit it.

Symptoms of toenail separating from nail bed are the nail detaches from the nail bed at both the side and base. That is why a space appears under the nail and accumulate dirt. In some cases it changes color of the nail. Your nail may become gray-white, brown or yellow. It combination with psoriasis the area between the normal nail and detached part can be yellowish-brown. It also can be green.

Three tips for toenail separating from nail bed treatment

  1. Clip the nails,
  2. Clean the nails,
  3. Protect your nails

What are home remedies for toenail separating from nail bed?

Fungal infection can lead to toenail separating from nail bed as well.

Causes of fungal infection: type of fungus which is called dermatohytes. In some cases molds and yeasts can also cause fungal infection.  This fungi appears if your feet provide warm, moist environments. And it depends on the type of your shoes. Other factors of risk are aging (due to low blood circulation and the nails being more susceptible as they become more thick), heavy perspiration, psoriasis, some shoe choices, minor nail or skin injuries and diabetes.

Symptoms of fungal infection are separation of the nail from its nail bed. You may possible have slight pain and feel the smell a foul odor. Other symptoms are: dark color of nails, dull, a distorted shape, brittle, ragged, crumbly or thickened.

Home remedies for fungal infection: vinegar, Vicks Vapo Rub. Prevention Measures are: keeping your nails dry, short and clean, wearing good socks, using antifungal powders and sprays, protection of the area from water, never pick the skin by your nails, always wear shoes in public places, do not use nail polish if you have infections on your nail, clean your hands after the contact with the infected nail. Medical treatments: oral antifunginal medications (Lamisil and Sporanox), antifungal lacquers.

Other causes of fungal infection: Various skin conditions, medication uses, medical problems (some types of infection, pregnancy, thyroid disease or occasionally cancer).

Using Stevia as Artificial sweetener. Stevia leaf extract dangers.

stevia-leaf-extract-dangersStevia is a sweetener. Another name of Stevia is sweetleaf. It is derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant from South America. The benefits of Sweetleaf are that it does not contain calories like most traditional sweeteners on the market. But there are also side effects which you should know before choosing stevia for regular use. What are the side effects of stevia? And what are stevia leaf extract dangers?

Using Stevia as Artificial sweetener

stevia-leaf-extract-dangersThe extract from the stevia rebaudiana plant is called Stevia. It is considered that Stavia is safe for your health. It is usually used as a sweetener in beverages and foods. If you want to lose your weight you can choose stevia. Because it does not affect your weight like other sweeteners. So you decided to use Stevia and you have to know side effects from Stevia. For example you can feel full or nauseous.

Other uses of Stevia

Stevia is used if people have some problems with heart (it treats heartburn). It can be useful for those people who suffer from high blood pressure. Stevia is considered to prevent the pregnancy.

What are Stevia leaf extract dangers?

Using Stevia as sweetener is helpful and many people prefer it. But you should remember about stevia leaf extract dangers.

  1. Allergic reaction after using Stevia. There are some stevia leaf extract dangers. Stevia can rarely cause anaphylaxis. But if you have an allergy to chrysanthemums, marigolds, ragweed or daisies there is a risk of anaphylaxis because of using Stevia. The allergy appears with difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, hives, dizziness, pale skin, wheezing or weakness. If you notice these symptoms after applying stevia you should see a doctor immediately. It will prevent fatal complications which may appear.
  1. Upset Stomach. Other stevia leaf extract dangers are that Stevia may cause an upset stomach, nausea or bloating after using it. In some cases it decreases the appetites.
  1. Metabolism change. There were tests which showed that it can limit your ability to convert food to energy.
  2. Additional stevia leaf extract dangers. Using Stevia you can probably have such side effects as numbness, dizziness and body aches.

Seltzer water vs club soda. Difference between club soda and seltzer water.

Seltzer water is artificially carbonated water without addition of any minerals. Many people like drinking this water. Because it is a good alternative to sugary juices and carbonated drinks. One more thing you should know about Seltzer water is that it can be used for medical purposes. It can relieve stomach upset. Besides Seltzer water can be used for removing stains. So in this article you will read about the difference Seltzer water vs club soda.

What makes Seltzer water so popular?

Seltzer Water is regular water with carbon dioxide gas. And it has not anny minerals. There are two types of Seltzer Water: “plain” and “flavored”. There are natural extracts and no carbohydrates and calories in “flavored” variety. Second name of Seltzer water is sparkling water.

Ingredients of Seltzer water are water and carbon dioxide gas. It is not difficult to make it. Usually the water is filled in a bottle or any other packaging with adding of carbon dioxide gas. For this step pressurized hose is used. Then the bottle is sealed in a moment. Seltzer water can be prepared at home as well.

seltzer-water-vs-club-sodaSeltzer water vs club soda which is more popular? Usually people prefer drinking Seltzer water because it has not any calories. They drink it on its own. Some people like to add some lemon or lime. Seltzer water is better than other sugary carbonated beverages which contain empty calories. So if compare the calories Seltzer water vs club soda Seltzer water is better in this question.

Seltzer water vs club soda. Which is better

Some people confuse Seltzer water with tonic water and club soda. They cannot see the difference with them. You should know that Seltzer water do not have additional minerals to it. However there are often added mineral and salts in club soda. These components increase its flavor. So you if you try to compare Seltser water vs club soda you can say that Seltzer water is more healthy.

How is Seltzer water used?

  1. As a mixture. It is often one of the components of cocktail as a mixer.
  2. In soda fountains and bars
  3. It is often used for removing stains.
  4. As a medical remedy it relieves symptoms of acidity and digestive upset.

What are the Benefits of Seltzer water?

As for benefits Seltzer water vs club soda

  1. Seltzer water do not hurt your teeth.
  2. Seltzer water Benefits your digestion.
  3. Lower risk of heart disease.

What you should remember before drinking Seltzer water

We advise some people to drink Seltzer water in limited quantities. If you have Irritable bowel syndrome or acid reflux you should know that Seltzer water may aggravate your condition.

Cri Du Chat Syndrome life expectancy

Fifty years ago French doctor discovered a strange disease Cri Du Chat Syndrome. It is a rare chromosomal disorder which the child gets from the birth.

Definition of Cri Du Chat Syndrome

cri-du-chat-syndromeCri Du Chat Syndrome is a disease when there is a chromosomal disorder. In this condition parts of the chromosome 5 are missing. The main feature of this disease is that a child has a high-pitched cry that sounds like a cat. Usually this symptom disappears at the age of two years and it is hard to diagnose Cri Du Chat.

What are the symptoms of Cri Du Chat Syndrome?

Typical Signs in Infancy.

  • A low birth weight
  • Slow growth in compare with other children
  • A high-pitched cry which disappears after two years
  • Problems with feeding (dysphagia, poor sucking abilities, reflux and muscle hipotonia)

cri-du chat-syndromeLess Typical Signs

  • A downward slant to the child’s eyes
  • Low-set ears or skin tags in front of their ears
  • Fingers or toes of a child may have slight webbing
  • Heart problems
  • The external parts of the ear may be folded in an odd way

Emergent Signs when growing up

  • Small hands
  • Lax expression on the face
  • Scoliosis
  • Severe retardation
  • Early gray hair

Behavioral Signs

As a rule children with Cri Du Chat Syndrome are easy-going and gentle. Sometimes behavioral problems of this disease are noticeable. Medics notice hyperactivity at about half the children. Other symptoms are aggression, temper tantrums, self-injurious behavior, obsession with other objects and repeat of the same movements over and over again, sound hypersensitivity, clumsiness.

Can Cri Du Chat Syndrome be inharited?

Cri Du Chat Syndrome is not inherited. It can be passed from parent in about 10 % of the cases.  Usually Cri Du Chat Syndrome appears when the chromosome is deleted during the process of the formation of the egg or sperm.

Is Cri Du Chat Syndrome curable?

This disease is not curable. There are some measures which can help children with this disorder to get their potential:

  • Poor muscle can be improved with Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy stimulate the language ability
  • Using sign language can replace the delayed communication development
  • Occupational therapy will help children to learn coping strategies and get new skills.


How to distinguish true color of the eye if you have central heterochromia?

The word heterochtomia came from Greece. It means differences in iris, skin and hair color. The word heteros means dufferent and chroma means color. People who have heterochromia usually have different colors, lighter or darker than other iris.  The most common reason of this condition is change of the level of melanin or pigmentation. (too much or too little). Other causes are disease, eye injury, genetic chimerism or mosaicism. It is a quite rare condition. Only about 11 people per 1,000 in the United States have heterochromia. There is central heterochromia and two other types. If you want to know more about it read this article.

What are the types of Heterochromia?

There are three different types of heterochromia: central heterochromia, sectoral and complete. Central heterochromia and other types of this condition of the eye can also appear because of genetic feature. But there are conditions when heterochromia is a result of any underlying condition or an injury to the eye.

What is Central Heterochromia?

central-heterochromiaCentral heterochromia is a condition when a person has different color of the iris in the centre of the eye. It is often called “cat eyes”.  Usually one color is in the central part of the iris and other color occupies the outer edge. How to distinguish “true color”? As usual it is the outside color of the iris.

What is Sectoral Heterochromia?sectoral-heterochromia

Sectoral Heterochromia is a condition when the iris has two absolutely different colors in the same area. Something like irregular spot of different color appears in the iris. But it does not make a complete ring around the pupil.

What is Complete Heterochromia?


If you have different colors of the eyes it is Complete Heterochromia. Complete heterochromia is a very noticeable type of this feature of the eyes. You can have one green and one brown eye or one blue and one green eye. In most cases animals have heterochromia.

Causes and treatment of vertical ridges on fingernails

vertical-ridges-on-fingernailsPeople’s fingernails are different. There are some abnormal conditions of fingernails. Among them are ridges. The best way for treatment ridges on fingernails is to keep a healthy diet and take attention to care for fingernails. These easy rules will help you to prevent the problem of ridges on fingernail. If you suffer from vertical ridges on fingernails they will be helpful as well.

Very widespread variant of ridges in fingernails are vertical ridges on fingernails. They appear in the same direction as the long axis of the finger. Usually trauma, aging and underlying medical conditions are the main causes of vertical ridges on fingernails. Transverse or longitudinal lines in the fingernails are often a result of trauma to the nail plate or underlying nail bed. The reasons of this condition are aging and certain medical conditions.

Why do I have vertical ridges on fingernails?

If you have vertical ridges on fingernails or any other kind of ridges you should not worry about it because it is not a serious problem. Mostly trauma causes vertical and horizontal varieties. Anyway only your doctor will help you to choose the right treatment.

  1. Malnutrition or malabsorption. It is a condition when the person has a leck of proper intake of nutrition. So that is why he or she will have deficiencies of minerals and vitamins. Malaobsorbtion means improperly absorption of the nutrients. You should eat food with B vitamins, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, Zink and Calcium.
  2. Lack of moisture. Nails, cuticuls and hand can be dry. Washing hands very often, manual labor or a hot climate make them dry. Use a moisturizing lotions and oils in order to restore your nails.
  3. Diseases and toxins are another cause of vertical ridges on fingernails. Heart and lung diseases are the most spread diseases which cause this problem. Toxins and psoriasis change the condition of your nails as well.
  4. Old age. As people get older their organisms produce less natural oils. It leads to dry skin and nails.

Two easy tips for vertical ridges on fingernails treatment

These tro easy tips will help you to get rid and prevent vertical ridges on fingernails.

  1. Keep healthy diet (eat balanced food, eat Omega-3 rich food, drink more water, avoid junk food)
  2. Care for your fingernails (protect fingernails, protect them, keep the nail hygiene, moisture your hands and nails, use jojoba oil and vitamin E, buffer your nails)

Is it true or mith that lubricant kills sperm?

lubricant-kills-spermLubricant is an excellent way to cope with intermittent vaginal dryness. Intermittent vaginal dryness is a widespread problem among women. But in case if you are going to get pregnant you can ask a question if lubricant kills sperm. In order to prevent this problem you can use other things which are thought as “sperm friendly”.

Is it true or mith that lubricant kills sperm?

The answer to this question is yes, a lubricant can prevent the pregnancy, because lubricant kills sperm. Usually lubricants interfere with the PH of cervical mucus and they may damage sperm. In this case lubricant kills sperm. There is an acidic environment in the vagina. And if sperm gets there it may kill it. That is why sperm has to move quickly through the vagina and into more neutral cervical mucus. Most lubricants make sperm very fast so they will not swim up the vagina through the cervix in order to get to the egg. Woman’s body produces its own lubricant and it appears during the process of sex. So it is the most natural lubricant.

Lubricants which do not kill sperm

However water-based lubricants do not kill sperm directly. But they affect the quickness of sperm and change it. So they are slow and cannot get to the vagina because it cannot make it to the cervix and fallopian tubes. Water-based lubricants influence the pH of the cervical mucus as well. So if you want to have a child you should remember that any lubricant containing spermicidal agent cannon be used. Lubricant kills sperm.

As it was said above woman’s body produces natural lubricant. But there are alternative options for it which do not damage sperm. They are called “sperm friendly” lubricants.

“Sperm friendly lubricants” which do not kill sperm are:

  • Natural options (egg whites, canola oil, and mineral oil)
  • Pre-seed (chemical lubricant which is close to a woman’s natural lubricant by its consistency)
  • Yes-baby (organic lubricant with aloe vera)
  • Conceive plus (this sperm friendly lubricant helps to get pregnant).